AeroSpeedGel by NAQI

Development Aero Speed Gel

NAQI, the producer of innovative skin care products, is working together with experts in aerodynamics in the development of a gel that reduces the aerodynamic drag of a cyclist. From F1 laser technology to 3D printing, a spectrum of state-of-the-art technology was used in the development of this product. Final testing was successfully rounded last month.


Golf ball dimple aerodynamics

The scientific principal behind this NAQI aero speed gel is similar to the aerodynamics of dimples in a golf ball, which makes these balls fly further than smooth golf balls.” According to Nikolaas Van Riet -Scientist and inventor of the speed gel idea.  “Roughening the surface of a golf ball, or in this case the body of a cyclist, creates a boundary layer with air that is more turbulent. This turbulence will make the air flow stick a little longer to the body and delay the moment of flow separation, which translates into a smaller wake or less drag, and thus a higher cycling speed for the same power in case of the cyclist.”  This aerodynamic principle is already being used in the wheels, suits and helmets of cyclists.


From 3D printing to F1 laser technology

For the development of this product, NAQI worked closely together with a team of aerodynamics specialists and Flanders Bike Valley with their state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing facility. (Beringen, Belgium). With the wright mix of internal and external know how, a first prototype comprising of 3D printed vortex generators was fabricated and tested. The promising results of this first prototype drove further development and optimization to what is now a powerful and user friendly aero speed gel.

For the visualisation of the flow around the body of a cyclist, an advanced laser measurement technology was used. This technology is also being used in F1 for continuous aerodynamic improvements on their race cars. The last finetuning on the NAQI aero speed gel is being finalised this month. To counter all the sceptics, the results of the rigorous development will be thoroughly discussed in a recently finalized scientific paper. A patent application is launched for this innovative product.

Natural - sustainable gel

In line with the newest generation of NAQI skin care products, this new aero speed gel is also rooted in the natural and sustainability story. The gel is non-irritating, hypo-allergenic and consists of sustainable, bio degradable ingredients. NAQI wants to demonstrate that product innovation and attention for sustainable technological development can go hand-in-hand.